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Celebrating Women Leadership, 18th March 2017, NCUI Auditorium, New Delhi

Launching Women’s Federation of India

Date: 18th March 2017 | Venue: NCUI Auditorium, New Delhi

Come; let’s join hands for “AAGAZ- 2017” – Self Reliance Rally of Women – that will bring together 500 rural women leaders from across SRIJAN’s locations. These women leaders have shown immense strength and power to fight the odds in their villages and are already on their journey of empowerment. They wish to come together and become stronger in the form of “Women’s Federation of India”.

The event will highlight women’s key roles and accomplishments in leadership, power and decision-making efforts which lead to transformation, breaking the conservative mindset of the society. We aim to learn, inspire and celebrate the potential of these amazing women.

Srijan’s Orientation Program for Year 2016-17 organized at New Delhi

Orientation of trainees is an integral part of SRIJANs Induction program. Every year, new joiners undergo a one year long induction training to become a development professional. This year total of 12 trainees joined us in June and August 2016 respectively for whom two days orientation event was organized at New Delhi. The orientation program happens to be on the day 1 of joining with an objective to make the new joiners understand about their new roles and organization work culture through various participatory sessions. The trainees also gain a deeper understanding on development and development sector through the dialogues of experts from the development world. This year, the experts were Mr. Kailash Hariharan Iyer, Joint Director, FICCI and Mr. Shalabh Mittal, CEO, SSE India..