Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action

Capacity Enhancement at SRIJAN

SRIJAN regularly conducts trainings for its beneficiaries etc. through various media, at various levels and across various themes.

  • Trainers: Srijan employees – National Professionals (NP), State-level professionals(SLP), village resource people (VRP)
  • Methodology: flip charts, presentations, videos/movies, photos, street plays, exhibitions, kisaan melas, mobile vans etc.
  • Duration and frequency: depends on requirement – agriculture/horticulture based trainings happen seasonally, others 2-4 times a year
  • Level of training : trainings are organised at village, cluster, block, district and state levels depending on content and requirement
  • Types of training
    • Para Professional training : training of krishi and pashu sakhis in agriculture/horticulture and livestock management
    • Employee training – new and refresher training for new and existing employees, for both thematic modules and communication
    • SHG training: training SHG members in group management, leadership, bank linkages, record and bookkeeping etc.
    • Agriculture/horticulture training: seed management, seed bed preparation, sowing, post sowing management, weed control, pest management, harvesting, market linkages etc.
    • Livestock and poultry rearing training: livestock health, food and shelter management, disease prevention and cure, fodder and supplements etc.
    • Natural resource management training: soil and water conservation, irrigation techniques etc.
    • Exposure visits: visits to villages in other blocks/districts/states for on field training and understanding of best practices
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