Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action

Careers Overview

A career in the development sector bequeaths the prospect of working towards making significant difference towards the betterment of the society. SRIJAN works with the purpose to acquire and promote fervently self-motivated and committed individuals having the avid desire to resourcefully work upon new innovations, and scaling up existing developmental interventions.
SRIJAN believes in actively investing and directing on its pool of professionals, as we regard each professional as a resource that together form a ‘collective asset’ to reach the organizational goal.
There are four major initiatives on strengthening our organisational capabilities to make a difference in rural areas:

  • Recruit young professionals from reputed academic institutes;
  • Induct individuals into the orb of rural development;
  • Build field teams’ capacity to work together; and also to find innovative solutions to multifaceted problem of rural poverty; and
  • Creating a culture of openness and transparency in decision making at all levels of the organization.
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