Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action


  • Livestock and dairy has been an integral part of Indian villages, for both personal and commercial purposes, as it helps those without landholdings to sustain
  • Started in 2003, our Dairy and Livetock program assisted 2000 families in purchasing high milk yielding buffaloes in Tonk and Sagar
  • SRIJAN helps families procure the best livestock, promotes best practices in rearing and links farmers to markets and helps them get the best price for their produce
  • Our federations Maitree and Sagarshree have also purchased dairy equipments, setup milk collection routes and collection centres and are successfully selling an average of 3000 L milk on a daily basis at competitive price
  • Currently over 4500 farmers are associated with our diary programs and enjoy an incremental income of Rs 14000 per year
  • SRIJAN has also trained local women as para-vets who help villagers take better care of their livestock and treat the animals for small illnesses
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