Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action


The authority to lay down key expectations as well as to administer key decisions, policies, and verifying performance resides with SRIJAN’s Board. Some of SRIJAN Board members are people who have given their life for the poor and still connect with the grassroots. Their perspective helps SRIJAN to question its own interventions – whether we are reaching the poorest, what impact are we making, etc.
The senior members such as the Programme Leaders and the Team leaders form the Core – Management Committee and Organisation Building Group, to fulfil the twin objective of- preparing the second line leadership; and to promote collective decision-making forum to discuss organisation matters exclusively.
At the field location, our field teams comprising of professional staff as well as support staff (Para-professionals, accounts, admin) headed by the Team Leaders manage various programmes at their respective locations.

Organisation Structure


SNo Name Occupation Age Gender Position in Board Since when associated with SRIJAN
1 Ms. Rekha Masilamani Development Consultant, President Agragami 68 Female Chairman 2000
2 Prof. Tushaar Shah Principal Scientist 63 Male Trustee 2004
3 Mr. Ajay Mehta President, Seva Mandir 60 Male Trustee 2006
4 Ms. Bharti Ramola Business Leader 56 Female Trustee 2011
5 Mr. Shankar Venkateswaran Director 57 Male Trustee 2011
6 Ms Gauri Singh Managing Director, MP Urja Vikash Nigam 51 Female Trustee 2014
7 Ms Rohini Somanathan Prof. Economics, Delhi University 49 Female Trustee 2014
8 Ms Mythili Bhusnurmath Consulting Editor, Economics Times 61 Female Trustee 2014
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