Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action

Growth Trajectory


SRIJAN recruits fresh graduates from various renowned institutes across India and after undergoing a methodical induction programme the trainee has to work at a project location with the team. This phase is more of an exploratory nature wherein the professional can discover his/her inclination and potentialities towards working at the grassroots level.

After a period of one year when the professional develops into a project executive s/he is expected to broaden and strengthen his grassroots work by learning skills related to specific livelihoods such as horticulture or cultivation of a specific crop or water resource management.

As a person shows maturity to work with colleagues and to take responsibility to lead a project, s/he is given a role of team leader. Team leader role is the most critical phase, first opportunity to lead in his/her colleagues.

Subsequent stages of theme leader and program leader are the ones where the person displays an ability to articulate and communicate lessons learnt from the field to policy makers and donor agencies, to external world, in general. S/he can begin to influence the program designs and sectoral policies of the government.

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