Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action


SRIJAN believes in actively investing and directing on its pool of professionals, as we regard each professional as a resource that together form a ‘collective asset’ to reach the organizational goal.
SRIJAN’s Human Resource Development Cell’s main focus is to identify, select and groom people having fervent desire to work with people at the grassroots. The HRD cell is still in the budding phase i.e. the systems are still evolving and greater emphasis is laid on inducting and nurturing them as Development Professionals.

Srijanites: How We Nurture Them

Creating self-reliant community institutions is a complex business. We therefore lay great emphasis on engaging professionals to work directly with rural poor communities. There are four major initiatives on strengthening our organisational capabilities to make a difference in rural areas:

  • Recruit young professionals from reputed academic institutes;
  • Induct individuals into the orb of rural development;
  • Build field teams’ capacity to work together; and also to find innovative solutions to multifaceted problem of rural poverty; and
  • Creating a culture of openness and transparency in decision making at all levels of the organization.

We recruit professionally trained youth from reputed technical, social work and management institutes. Often, the young trainee is not clear as to whether this is the career path that they should adopt, so we have designed an induction program that creates situations for them to come in touch with rural poor families and their way of dealing with life’s challenges. Further, the trainees are introduced to SRIJAN’s approach to rural development through an array of methods like classroom lectures by senior SRIJANites, Case Study analysis and Role Plays. Both technical and social development issues are emphasized as the inductees come from multi-disciplinary academic background; this also helps them to understand the process carrying out development-related initiatives.

SRIJAN believes that each location-level teams are dynamic entities headed by the Team leaders; therefore, it becomes necessary that certain skills related to people’s management should be fostered. Keeping this in mind certain training programmes focusing on leadership development, conflict resolution and HRD are imparted to them at regular intervals; further, SRIJAN also helps in sponsoring their all-time experienced professionals for various courses and study programmes.
Coming to the middle level of governance system, the core group that acts as a consortium of veteran SRIJANites is an ‘internal governance mechanism’ for strategic decision-making. Further, this also provides for a platform to groom new leaders in the organization and develop a culture of transparency by providing scope for voicing differences in opinion.

HRD Process

Our core values rest on respecting ‘individual worth’, integrity and beneficence that eventually help us to aim towards building responsible and sustainable partnerships within the organization (among the employees and the management) and outside (with external stakeholders- community, donors, other civil society organization and the government).

This value system governs our organizational ethos and is evident in our HR Development process mentioned below:


SRIJAN has an elaborate process of Recruitment and Selection. The procedure includes various psycho and socio-metric tests in order to ascertain the individual’s ability to work in a team and with the community. Our professionals are drawn from institutes like Xavier Institute of Social Sciences, Ranchi; Department of Social Work Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi; University of Agriculture Sciences, Bangalore; Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur; G. B. Pant University, Pant Nagar; OUAT, Bhubaneshwar; North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Itanagar, etc.

Induction Programme

In view of tremendous growth of the organization and its programmes over the past five years, SRIJAN have evolved its induction processes intermittently. The main foci remain to assimilate the newly acquired professionals into the SRIJAN community and to impart qualities that will help them to accommodate and work with the rural community.

Bearing this in mind the HRD cell has devised the induction programme in a manner that helps to the new recruits to adopt the field situations, and helps to integrate them into the organization and prepare them to work in teams

Performance Review

As integrity is one of core values we believe it to be inculcated in our work environment by means of assessing individual performance and giving the opportunity to each professional for self-evaluation as well creating a work ambience based on open learning. Thereby, strengthening the feedback mechanisms within the organization.p>


Review of trainees that are organized after three months, apart from being an evaluation exercise also aims at clarifying their vision and helps them chalk out plan for their knowledge, skills and competencies enhancement in consultation with the core group of the organization. SRIJAN Write Programme is one such plan to build the knowledge base of the professional’s writing skills.

Another main strategy that helps in assessing the training needs of various teams is the Project Review Meetings (PRMs) that is held on quarterly basis that provides a platform for each team to present the progress of their respective projects. Each team is assisted by the house to plan strategically and discuss interventions that could be taken up. PRMs are also important occasions for learning from each other, identifying expertise available in different teams for the benefit of the organization.


Annual Retreats are organized for SRIJAN professionals to encourage introspection and to share their feelings with colleagues. They speak about their personal and professional growth. Besides, retreats are also crucial to foster bonding among SRIJANites across locations.

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