Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action

Ideal SRIJANite

Given the nature of work at SRIJAN it is very important we find people who are most suited to handle the demands of the work and not just sympathize, but empathize with our beneficiaries. We have a stringent and comprehensive recruitment and selection program whereby we look for the right fit for our culture. We look for people with the right combination of the required KSAV – Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Values, out of which having the right Attitude and Values is a must because Knowledge and Skills can be imparted, but Attitudes and Values are usually permanent.

Some of the attributes we look for in our new recruits include:

  • Intelligence, Commitment and Honesty
  • Dedication to the cause of bringing about change in the society
  • High aspiration to Strive for professional excellence
  • Ability to manage in limited resources available in rural areas
  • Keenness to take up new challenges every day
  • Drive and passion to innovate, create and design ideas leading to poverty eradication
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