Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action

Self Help Groups and Rights Entitlement

International development discourse is slowly moving towards the rights based approach which necessitates that certain basic rights be ascribed to a person by virtue of being a human being. India too, is increasingly looking towards ensuring that basic human requirements to lead a dignified existence are guaranteed by law, hence, the much debated rights to food, education and employment.

The government has been running many a scheme to deliver essential services to ensure a basic yet dignified life for its citizens. Their success however, can be called to question. With the 73rd constitutional amendment in 1992 and the devolution of powers, PRIs became an essential cog in the governance wheel. Today, the rural citizen has to approach the PRI to gain access to a large number of government schemes; to buy levitra online. Unfortunately though, the creation of PRIs has not guaranteed good governance and local socio-cultural dynamics have rendered the poor as helpless as ever. SRIJAN could no longer afford to remain silent on this issue. Over the last year, we have intensified our focus on ensuring that the poor are empowered to demand for what is rightfully theirs: preparing them for the fight ahead by arming them with information and helping them organize.

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