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Development Strategy

Access to Finance

Access to Finance

Families once aggregated into recognised community institutions like SHGs, women-led SHG-Federations and Farmer Producer Organizations are linked to institutional credit through banks. Moneylending practices in rural India not only charge humongous 80-100% interest rates, but push them further in the debt cycle- which leads to deterioration of overall family livelihood. SRIJAN’s efforts start with SHGs with very small loans for immediate needs, federations cater to their larger needs of agricultural inputs, education, and linkage through bank helps them in housing, larger credit for agri-machinery.

Working Model

One of the most daunting challenge in front of the poor in the villages is accessing even smaller loans for their immediate needs- family, health, education, livelihood needs. So far, SRIJAN has worked with 79,000 families through 5,160 SHGs and 9 women-led federations. Mobilising women to form SHGs with Pancha-Sutras of saving and micro-credit leads to strong financial systems.


Self Help Groups

18 crores

Cummulative Savings (INR)

85 crores

Internal Lending (INR)