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Development Strategy

Access to Markets

Access to Markets

Aggregate and collectively market the product of small farmers. We have promoted 7 farmer producer companies (FPCs). FPCs collect, aggregate, process and sell the produce in bulk, which enables a small farmer to realise fair prices through fair market practices. FPCs add value to the local produce and make it a marketable product such as- fruit pulp to be used in ice-cream industry or millets for retail sales. SRIJAN’s efforts towards access to market has benefitted more than 45,000 small marginal farmers through aggregation and processing of various commodities like Soybean, Milk, Pomegranate, Organic Fruits, non-timber forest produce (NTFP)- custard apple, Indian blackberries, Chironji, and forest grown Mango

Working Model

Small farmers in remote regions working hard on their soil often don’t realise fair and good prices for their produce. Seasonal production, which is mostly dependent on monsoon, low volumes, irregular quality and difficult means of transporting produce to the markets leads to wastage and poor pricing of the commodity. In order for making things less difficult for the farmers, SRIJAN uses two main approaches- a) add value to the produce by minimal processing or primary level processing, b) create infrastructure to support marketing initiatives by promoting aggregation centres in the villages. Market forces have not been much favourable to Indian small marginal farmers and they remain at the bottom rung of the economic ladder. SRIJAN provides end-to-end support to the farmers to engage in the marketing works- starting from primary aggregation centres to processing centres and promotion of cooperatives, farmer groups and farmer producer organization. SRIJAN builds cadre of community professionals around market expertise. These workers engage with the community and promote collective marketing, grading, sorting and processing methods to ensure marketable quality and quantity.


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