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Soy bean is emerging as one of the most important cash crops for farmers in relatively water scarce region of India for its low cost of cultivation and water requirement, simple post harvest...
The World Bank President Robert Zoellick's visit to Maitree Dairy Federation was an unqualified success. He met over 100 Maitree leaders at Gulabpura village ...

About Srijan

SRIJAN (Self-Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action) means an act of creation in Hindi.

Our Vision

SRIJAN is a grassroots implementation as well as support agency committed to promote sustainable and self-reliant models of rural development.

Our pledge is To reach and reduce poverty among one hundred thousand rural poor families by 2020


Maitree DairyWe would welcome if you could contribute by giving your time and sharing your knowledge and skills...
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Our Partners


A successful horticulture farmer
Hariram is one among 15 horticulture farmers of Simariya Village in...

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