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Narendranath is an Integrator PRADAN. He joined PRADAN thirty-three years back and have contributed significantly to evolving ideas and programmes around rural livelihoods and women’s empowerment. The work done by Naren and colleagues in the late-80s paved way for the emergence of the Self-Help- Group movement in Eastern India. As a field professional in PRADAN in Jharkhand and Rajasthan, Naren organised rural women in SHGs and implemented livelihood programmes. Later he was involved in a number of national and international research and documentation efforts to build knowledge from practice. Naren set up the National Resource Centre for Livelihoods in PRADAN for influencing and informing the design and implementation of the flagship development initiatives of the Government such as the NRLM and MGNREGA, and facilitated policy dialoguing. He functions as Board member in a few civil society organisations and also takes keen interest in fostering NGO networks. He lives in Delhi with his wife and daughter.