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Development Strategy

Soil & Water Management

Soil and Water Management

Improve soil health, access to water, and climate resilience; Creation of small to medium size water-resources at the farm, large-scale watershed programs for overall soil-water conservation, and development of land through multiple means. Collaboration with flagship programs like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), externally-aided projects from the World Bank, IFAD. Major aim being sustainable farm-income for small marginal farmers through best practices for climate-resilient crops like millets, coarse grains, and horticultural crops.

Working Model

Most valuable assets to small marginal farmers are the land and water resources. Land resources with marginalised families, often are not quite suitable for high productivity and are very poor in terms of availability of water resources. Less than 2 acres of land and absolute lack of irrigation facilities have been the hallmark of Indian small marginal farming systems. With around 63% of agriculture in India being rainfed, small marginal farmers are at the centre of every intrinsic or extrinsic threat. Market prices as well as climate change both hurt the small marginal farmers the most. Depletion of soil and water resources pose a big threat to the subsistence farming system for these families. SRIJAN works on land and water resources creation as well as management. Starting from basic land levelling operations to climate-resilient cropping systems, SRIJAN continuously looks at the natural resource management to help build small marginal farming systems across the country.


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